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Revered Renuka with her soul mate and sons and daughters like daughters- in- law.

The moving finger writes and having writ moves on. Yes, that moving finger of my life wrote and having writ moved on- my beloved better half was snatched away by that moving finger in the form of cruel hands of death and destiny exactly four years ago. That fateful day was Wednesday, the 20th August 2014. Today is 20/8/2018.. What all I could at that time was to put in my outpourings in the form of a write up “END OF AN ERA”. If any of my viewers are interested to read I can send personally by email. Please let me know your mail id .Thanks.

Here is my tribute to her paid  on the fourth anniversary.

Revered by  her better half ,children, friends and relatives
Painful Four years have passed-since the cruel hands-destiny
Snatched her away from us all to mourn and murmur, of course cry
Individually sans the knowledge of each other-pity!

Greatly beloved daughter of God Almighty was she from birth
Chose to take her to HIS heavenly abode through the arms of death
Not before testing and torturing bit by bit for days and days
When God wills, none could help and win – she fell from HIS grace!

Beloved daughter of her loving parents, affectionate sister
Of her brothers and sister, dedicated friends to all her classmates
Four decades four years dutiful wife for her husband and soul mate
Caring mother, teacher and guide for her children next to God!

Highly educated and equipped with knowledge- to the envy
Of many! For her walking mates all in all; speaking politics,
Music, discourses, and health in channels many acrobatics
Fine aunty she was to children and youngsters wherever she was
With care and concern for the weak and poor, loving and serving all
All shedding tears though years four are gone -tragedy tall.

Well read and decently qualified with a double degree
Ever fond of reading books and magazines; great devotee
Of Mother, Aurabindo, Babas and Hindu Gods well devoted
Sharing knowledge, helping ever, hurting never-with grace!
Fateful day it was twentieth August twenty fourteen
Revered Renuka Recalled to her heavenly abode
Leaving me in eternal grief and loneliness -hard to come out
Albeit all love and affection showered by all others at home!


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