Image result for world mosquito day images In the great creation of the lord Almighty wonders are there
Tiny worms to gigantic elephant, dwarf to seven feet high,
Tallest Everest to Yerkad the tiny hill station nice
Niagara falls to small jog falls, Ganges to a rivulet!

Nothing is created sans a purpose but the human mind
Cannot fathom all!One creation is afraid of other kind!
If mosquitoes go extinct, no larvae-aquatic ecology fails
Insects and small fish have no food!Fishes and many kind
Of birds will suffer! Fishes ans reptiles in turn suffer too!

Coil, liquid, paper, net, spray, ointment-what not
All to save us from the mosquito menace-rot!
In the creation of the Almighty here is one
Called mosquito-poor or rich- purpose seems to be none!

The tiny mosquito rings, sings as night falls
To some it is music who have the ears to enjoy music
To many it is nuisance plain and simple spoiling sleep
It is all in the ears of the beholders and listeners!

Malaria, Dengue, encephalitis – my Lord
For what else you hve created this species, God?
Cleanliness, neat environ, no waterlogging
It defies all and shows its might- we are struggling!!


Envius Thoughts crosses 1 66, 000 views.

I am  glad to share with  you all that with the 161st view at 17.30 hours today-Tuesday, the 21st August  in its 1323rd post on 1270th day,  Envius Thoughts has crossed overall view score of 1 66, 000 (ONE LAKH SIXTY SIX THOUSAND)  thanks to your encouragement and support . Kindly continue. Thanks

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