“HIJRI” NEW YEAR DAY is today-12th September.



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Medina mosque.

The great Universe -a part in which countries are made out of
Where the humans and animals, trees and plants, oceans and rivers
Created by the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent
To live in harmony and peace, joy and prosperity pleasant!

Religions and their followers devised their own principles,
And practices, tradition and culture to spread happiness!
New Year day is a special day for those who follow their customs
And today it is:Muslims around the world are marking entry
Into an Islamic New Year -the first day (1st Muharram)
Of the year 1440 Hijri. Muharram is the first month for them!

Muslims have entered the year 1440 Hijri.-it began with
The Hijra, or hegira. the Prophet Muhammad’s migration
From Mecca to Medina -with jubilation!
We wish our Islamic brethren a HAPPY NEW YEAR!-

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