International Day for Disaster Reduction



In the creation of the Lord Almighty-Omnipotent-
HE is watching every thing good and bad-Omnipresent
He is surely aware of all things happening Omniscient
To ensure the living beings are in peace and harmony!

Alas! Due to the sins committed, the world does witness sad
Calamities here and there man made and nature wrought-very bad
All suffer- efforts are needed by those affected and others
To save the humanity from destruction due to calamities!

No cyclone, no tsunami, no floods, no other nature’s fury
Nor man made wars and struggles, no theft no murders anywhere
Should be the aim and endeavor of the society and if caught
All must join in unison to help and assist those who seek!

Image result for Images for World Calamity Control day 2018 October 13th

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