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It was on 26th August this year that  Part I of my TEETH STORY appeared in this Blog as a Sunday story under the caption TOOTHLESS PERSON! Here is the PART II!!!!!with an addition to the heading TOOTHFUL(TRUTHFUL)PERSON!

On that story I made the following observation:

It is said taking too much of sweet or raw sugar spoils the TEETH!

May be the reason that I had to visit the great Gods-DENTISTS-DENTAL SURGEONS- wherever I was – in nine different stations- in the course of my official life for four decades-Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan etc!

Even after retirement I have to be visiting my good friend and Dental Surgeon- HOD in a Dental College- every now and then! The latest position is that in the last 216 hours I am without even a SINGLE TOOTH- having extracted about ten at a time giving sedation-full, half broken, three fourths broken , roots etc!!!!!! with the assurance that NEW THIRTY TWO teeth will be beautifying me at my 78th year of existence within a period of three weeks – and with all my teeth intact and my handsome face and words I will l be participating an International Poetry Festival in the third week of September in Guntur-Andhra Pradesh!

It is said in Tamil-”பல்லுப்போனால் சொல்லுப் போச்சு” (PALLUPPONAALSOLLUPPOCHCHU).”நொருங்கத்தின்றால் நூறு வயது” (NORUNGNATHTHINRAAL NOORU VAYADHU”) meaning “once teeth are lost, words are lost” and “when one eats pounding/grinding well with his teeth , he can live for hundred years”. Well for quite sometime I do  no pounding/grinding with teeth but simply swallow whatever I put in my mouth! And again though not very much felt by the audience whenever I address or render poems, pronunciation is bound to improve when new teeth are born in a month’s time! ,

Atlast it was on 13th September- acouple of days earlier to my being crowned with NTR NATIONAL AWARD in Nellore!!!!

Yes as assured by my great God like DENTIST-Principal of a leading Dental College and one of the very efficient dental surgeons I have come across sent me with beautiful set of 28 teeth- (dentures God given 32 teeth- and Dentist given-only 28!

Esthetically, fine, very fine! I am yet to adjust myself to the new device in my mouth- two important aspects of EATING and TALKING!







.With teeth in and lips closed after NTR National Award from Nellore!


Toothless person!

The mind resists anything unnatural and naturally my body and mind refuse to accept the DENTURE! Doctor is very firm that ultimately resistance will be gone and I will be happy. His  point is that  in the last few years my tongue had unrestricted freedom and now because of this denture , that freedom is restricted and make the denture to fall from its places and once the tongue  is prepared to accept this , I will be quite comfortable. For some it may be a few days, foe some may be a few weeks! I belong to the latter category it seems. Let me wait and till then put up with-what cannot be cured must be endured!!!He also says that my tongue is a little longer! In Tamil ‘longer tongue’ means a person eating and talking more! Yes I am and hence  have to  enjoy or suffer more!!!
My second son from Bangalore – a journalist- advises me to put up with the inconveniences and discomforts for some time as a cycle learner at the beginning braces the inconveniences! He may be quite right. Let me with fortitude!

GOOGLE GURU confirms what my GREAT DENTAL SURGEON has been advising me:

For the benefit of my esteemed viewers of this Sunday story:

How Dentures Look and Feel

New wearers often report a “full-mouth” feeling, as though the dentures are too big and pushing the lips forward. This feeling will diminish as you adjust to wearing dentures. They may feel like they don’t fit properly at first. They may “gag” you or cause you to bite your cheek or tongue. If you wear an upper denture, it may take some time for your tongue to get used to the feeling of being pressed against the denture and not your palate. Don’t worry. These problems will decrease over time.

New Sensations with Dentures

Because a denture is a “foreign object” in the mouth, you may produce more saliva for a while. This, too, will decrease and eventually go away. Something as simple as sucking on a mint or hard candy will encourage you to swallow more frequently, clearing excess saliva. Some soreness is also expected, usually within a few hours of putting your dentures in your mouth. If it continues, see a dental professional; never try to make adjustments to your dentures yourself.

Eating with Dentures for the First Time

Dentures take some getting used to, but with a few simple strategies up your sleeve, you can feel confident all day long. As a new denture wearer, you may find that chewing feels different with dentures. You also may think that food has “lost its flavor.” While you are adjusting to wearing your dentures, your mind is receiving strong signals from your mouth about your dentures, which overpower the messages from your taste buds. After you are accustomed to the denture, your mind will pay less attention to your dentures and more to your taste buds.
During your adjustment time, you may have trouble sensing hot foods and drinks, which is common with new denture wearers. Be careful; you don’t want to burn your mouth.
Tips for Eating with Dentures
To eat more easily and enjoyably while wearing dentures:

  • Begin with small quantities of food cut into smaller pieces.
  • Chew half of the food in your mouth on the back-left side of your mouth and the other half on the back-right side. This will even out the pressure on your dentures.
  • Start with soft foods. Some good examples are eggs, fish, chopped meat, cooked vegetables, and puddings. After you feel more confident, try eating chewier foods, such as steak or celery.

Speaking with Dentures

When you speak, the sound reaches your ears through vibrations in the bones of the jaw and skull. Wearing dentures changes and increases the sound, but this is much more noticeable to you than to anyone else.
If your dentures “click” when you speak, try to speak more slowly to avoid movements that raise and/or move your lower denture. Keeping your lower denture in place requires the ability to hold it still with the muscles of your lips, cheeks, and tongue. At first, these muscles may tend to “kick out” your denture. With time and practice, you will be able to overcome the difficulties of speaking.
Tips for Speaking with Dentures

To speak more confidently while wearing your dentures:

  • Bite and swallow before speaking. This places your dentures in position so you can speak more clearly.
  • Practice reading aloud.
  • Use a denture adhesive. Using a denture adhesivewill help keep your dentures in place and make it easier to speak clearly.

It appears as if I have no issue on earth other than this DENTURE and related matters!
This much is for this Sunday story- on TOOTHFUL PERSON!!
We shall meet tomorrow morning. And till then may GOD be with you!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,79,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 122nd view at 16.30 hrs yesterday viz Saturday the Twenty seventh (27th) October 2018 , total views of the BLOG crossed ONE LAKH AND SEVENTY NINE THOUSAND (1,79,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1275th day and 1391st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue



  1. Congrats Sir on your new denture. Getting extracted all the teeth is really a challenge. I too have two half broken teeth. I was advised to get them extracted as they would spread infection. Somehow, I am averse to that and have been postponing. I do not dare. Let me see what is in store for me.


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