Next will be THIRTIETH- TALE- in  February 2019!!!
Here is  29th Tale –!

in several ways GOD has been so kind and compassionate to me in helping me to continue this Blog that has earned me a place of honor in the Asian Book of Records which in turn has earned me a Hon. Doctorate from the World Records University UK.
Since the Tale Part 28 on 4th November, much water has flown under the Ganges and mostly happy happenings.


During this period a number of Poets Meets were held and I had the fortune of attending a few. Noteworthy was the one attended on the Mahakavi Barathiyaar’s Birth day on eleventh December- I had already on 11th December made a post in this Blog and also a detailed Sunday Story titled King of Poets Birth day . Vanavil Panpattu Maiyam- RAINBOW CULTURAL CENTER-who have been organizing this day for the last 25 years, conducted a poetry competition on the top[ic “VEERA SUTHANTHIRAM” for which they received more than 500 entries out of which they selected 30 poems in the first round and they were to present their poems in the Meet at Barathiyar’s Memorial in Triplicane, Chennai after the JATHI PALLKKU –Royal Palanquin carrying Barathi’s statue in a procession from Parjhasarathy temple reached. Nothing gave me can give mr greater pleasure than presenting poem on Barathy’s words in the very place where he lived for some years and finally taken to the heavenly abode.
Two more Meets were conducted on Barathy by two organizations in Chennai on 16th December one by Kavi Oviya and the other by Ilkakiyach cholai. I presented my poems in Tamil “THEENGIZAIKKUM THEEYAVARAI” and “BARATHY ENADHU PERAASAAN”.

WRU’s Doctorate

It is nothing but God’ s grace that made me launch this Blog “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” on 25th February 2015 and it appears as my PASSION and MISSION to make posts on a daily basis-Mondays to Saturdays poems in English and on Sundays ‘Sunday Story’ articles and this is 1450th post in 1395th day! This has brought me a place of honor in the Asia Pacific Book of Records and the UK based WORLD RECORDS UNIVERSITY has offered me an Honorary Doctorate. Thus your versatile Blogger N V Subbaraman has become Versatile Blogger DR. N V Subbaraman!!!!!!!! To me at least it looks funny!


In Hindu calendar this month of MARGAZHI is deemed to be a very sacred month. Lord Krishna declared that HE stands tall as MARGAZHI in the 12 months! That this is the first month in winter, and the devotees get up at as early as 4.00 am and go to the temples which increases the will power and spiritual power. Devotees of Lord Ayyappa take their annual pilgrimage to Sabarimala in Kerala where Ayyappa is, in thousands from all parts of India.
Andal a great devotee of Lord Vishnu wrote her 30 songs in Tamil –THIRUPPAVAI- in the early part of KALIYUGA- about 3100 years ago! Kaliyuga is reported to come to an end in another 20 years.
Great and learned scholars are invited to give month long discourses on Thiruppaavai in the nights. Thirumala-Thirupathi Devasthanam have arranged for discourses in 52 temples in Tamilnadu and more than 500 centers in the entire country in different languages.
16th of December this year happened to be the first of Margazhi month and in a local temple month long discourses were to be delivered by one authority in Tamil literature Dr. Kaliyan Sampath . I was given the honor of inaugurating the series by the temple management.

As usual let us see the progress of ENVIUS thoughts since the last TALE 28 was published on 4th November 2018 in terms of views. .
50 posts are over in 50 days heralding TALE29 on the 1395th day for the 1450th Post!

04/11/2018 1348th day- 1400th post- 1,80,292.
12/11/2018 1356th day 1409th post- 1,81,,000
23/11/2018 1367th day 1420th post– 1,82,000
02/12/2018 1376th day 1429th post- 1,83,000
10/12/2018 1384th day 1437th post 1,84,000
25/12/2018 1395th day 1449th post 1,84

In this way number of views is progressing in its own speed of course giving a sense of achievement. I take pride and pleasure to communicate the crossing of every 1000 views to all my well-wishers through all possible methods- What’s-app, Face book two Accounts, Bloggers’ Meet-Up, Gmail and so on!

I used to wonder and admire modern modes of communication of which a nice part is WHAT APP device IS! I spent quite some time in a day on sending the messages through What ‘Sapp , receiving and responding.
First work in the morning is to communicate my Good morning message with the day’s Blog post to about 140 friends seen and unseen. A typical message that I send every day is as follows:
“Good morning. Today it is “INTERNATIONAL HUMAN SOLIDARITY DAY- December 20th.” in Envius Thoughts in https://nvsr.wordpress.com for your kind read and response. Thanks”. .
In those days all the messages will be sent easily; now there is a restriction on the number that it can be sent at a time NOT MORE THAN FIVE. As a result I have to repeat the process 28 times to send to 140 ! As and when I receive a message through this mode I get an auto-signal and I immediately turn to, read and respond! Great indeed is the experience!


Our esteemed readers are aware that the Tale Of the Blogger appears every 50th post. This way the year 2018 had the following Tales:
Tale 22 on 14/1/2018.
Tale 23 on 03/3/2018
Tale 24 on 21/4/2018.
Tale 25 on 08/6/2018
Tale 26 on 29/7/2018
Tale 27 on 19/9/2018
Tale 28 on 04/11/2018.
This way, this Tale of the Blogger is 29th today 26th December 2018 and the last one EIGHTH for the year 2018.
Next one will be the landmark THIRTIETH Tale on the 1500th post and the first for 2019! I do earnestly hope with HIS grace and your support the Tales will continue. With this we end this Sunday Story and till we meet tomorrow MAY GOD BE WITH YOU! Bye for the present.

.Blogger  as a part of the audience on the King of Poets Birth day on 11/12/18 in Triplicane, Chennai.

One thought on “TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 29

  1. பாரதிக்கு தாங்கள் தந்த புகழஞ்சலிக்கு மேலும் சில வார்த்தகளை வடித்திட விரும்புகிறேன். அனுமதி தருக!

    ஐயா பாரதி, அன்னை பராசக்தியின்நேரடி அருள் பெற்றவர் நீங்கள்! கூட்டுக்குள் முடங்கிக்கிடந்த தீந்தமிழை நிந்தன் பாட்டுக்குள் கொணர்ந்தாய்! ஐயனே, கடல் கடலாய் மலைத்தேன் பருகிடினும்,திகட்டாத தெள்ளமுதம் உந்தன் புதிய தமிழ்! சொல் புதிதாய், சுவை புதிதாய், புதுப்புனலாய், புது வெளிச்சமானது உன் தமிழ். உன் முன் பிறந்தோரும், பின் பிறந்தோரும், மறைந்திட்டும், நீ மட்டும் எங்களுடன் வாழ்ந்து வருகிறாய், இனி இம்மண் உள்ளளவும் வாழ்வாய். எம் காலக்கவிஞன் கூறியபடி (கண்ணதாசன்), எஞ்ஞான்றும் உனக்கு மரணமில்லை.இந்த மண்ணையும் (தேசத்தையும்), எங்கள் தமிழையும் வணங்கி வாழும் எங்களை, எங்கள் சந்ததியினருக்கு ஆசி வழங்க வேண்டும் ஐயனே!

    மிக அருமை ஜகந்நாதன். மிக்க நன்றி.


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