THESAURUS DAY-January 18th

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Rightly said “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”-POWER from sources different
Finding the sources and utilizing, the first step-no indifference!
Knowledge of any language improvement, provided by a Dictionary
I would say a dictionary not for REFERENCE but for regular reading!

Further step is there with a THESAURUS!! Eighteenth January today
Is “Thesaurus day” best friend of writers, looking for new word
To spice up  precisely the right nuance to add to a sentence
Or phrase! While we don’t use the great expanse of verbiage available
Expanse of language really gives amazing ability to express
With beauty and precision. Indeed a great tool to use!

Poets use words in melodious composition of phrases to evoke
The most powerful images, knowing that “very happy” is all good and well,
but “exultant” brings different scene to mind.Blending words and scenes
To capture the mind and personality of the characters in stories.

When all one can think of a “brown” pond, better to go to Thesaurus
And find the word Bistre really capturing heart and meaning.
Thesaurus day to refining-redefining vocabulary, and use
New space to help build up something more elegant. Great views!

Image result for images for THESAURUS DAY 2019


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