TELL A STORY DAY-April 27th.

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Elders remember their parents telling a story every day before sleep
Lovely days were they adding knowledge in different domains through their stories!
We  in these days have failed to do to our children unfortunate in a way
Necessitating this day APRIL Twenty Seventh TELL A STORY DAY!

Our great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata when told in daily doses
For years when young get ingrained in mind to last till last breath
The best method to make the children aware of hoary tradition
And wonderful culture to be practiced for ever-society to prosper!

National Tell a Story Day of America is today. People of all ages share
All kinds of stories this Day. Whether it’s read from a book, one from their
Imagination or an actual story from a childhood memory-the day to gather friends
And family and share those stories.Libraries around the country participate.
In National Tell A Story Day with special storytelling times for children.

Storytelling an ancient practice used to hand down knowledge
From one generation to the next. It’s a wonderful way to pass on family traditions,
Histories, and long told tales and can be entertaining as well as educational.
Some of the best stories come from real life experience.

Many enjoy listening to their grandparents share their stories about
When they were growing up. Spending time telling stories with family,
Friends and loved ones- time for all to learn from each other,
To remember and to grow closer together.

National Tell A Story Day – April 27, 2018

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