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Walking indeed is a gift of God for the humans- enjoyed till my early twenties
Sixty years ago- walk to college to and fro just sixteen miles-pleasure it was!
Let us forget four annas for college bus was a luxury and chose to walk
That stands in good stead at age seventy nine! Cycling to office great days!

Later couple of cars and bikes and cycles for years at home for use to go
Anywhere and every where-near or far-indispensable they had become-lo!
Third Friday of May-National Bike to Work day kindling thoughts
Of vehicles less and full- life!Great the benefits of biking!

People need to be encouraged to use bicycle to work.and all
Bicycling to work increases happiness helps brain function better.
Helps save all that money to be spent on petrol or bus fare.
Let us take cycle or jump on and enjoy a nice ride to work.

Benefits of Bicycling to Work are many physically, mentally and emotionally
Burns calories as jogging but less strains to joints. boosts our energy,
Lowers pressure, builds muscle, improves aerobic fitness!improves mental function.
Improves memory, learning and brain’s overall performance. makes better at work.

Saves money.convenient than car. getting stuck in traffic; finding parking spot;
Sudden mechanical problems gasoline or not. With bike, no problems. pedal right

Allows fresh air, be closer with surrounds and see the world
Not stressful- safer- Car emissions pollute the environment.
Jump on bike and pedal to work and then home again. with bike to work
Healthier, happier, more productive at work and save money!–

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,98,000 views
.I am glad to share with you that with the 46th view at 17.45 hrs yesterday viz Thursday  the SIXTEENTH (16th) May 2019 , total views of the BLOG crossed    ONE LAKH AND NINETY EIGHT THOUSAND (1,98,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1536th day and 1597th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue

2 thoughts on “NATIONAL BIKE TO WORK DAY-May 17th.

  1. Walking,Cycling,Swiming,Playing foot ball,Volley ball, Basket ball, all happy way to live& have a healthy life.


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