Buddha Purnima-May18th.


Buddha Purnima

Full moon day today the Eighteenth May is BUDDHA POORNIMA DAY a holy day
Reverentially, most important day for the followers of Buddhism,
Commemorating Lord Buddha’s enlightenment in five hundred and eighty eight b c
His attainment of the highest of spiritual goals, ‘Nirvana’ in Bodh Gaya!

Also observed as Buddha Jayanti,consecrating birth anniversary
Of Lord Buddhas born in Lumbini, Nepal. As name suggests, Buddha Purnima
Observed on full moon day in the Vaisakha month suited for introspection,
Charity and puja.-a very very holy day indeed!for appreciation!

Buddhists observe with great calmness and contemplation, Reflecting on moral
Precepts laid down by Lord Buddha, ruminating on the events of his life-normal,
Visiting monasteries and listening to sermons from Buddhist scriptures,
And paying homage to the statue of Buddha with prestige and high stature
Offering incense, flowers and garlands, candles, and fruits of several varieties.
Serving food and making donation to the monks all over the world!

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