TODAY IT IS 1600th!

Award at Ilakkiyachcholai

Presenting poem in ThirukkOvilur Meet

Time and tide waits for none it is said; but tide waits for full moon to blossom to show its beauty in depth!
Time goes on and on , on and on for eternity! Eternity to eternity! It looks February twenty fifth two thousand and fifteen was just yesterday- but it was 1539 days ago! ENVIUS THOUGHTS took birth on 25th February 2015 with its FIRST POST “MY TRYST WITH LIC” and today on 19th May it is SIXTEEN HUNDRETH post!

Now I am on the finishing stage of my Book in Tamil- titled –” கால தேவதை”   (KAALA DHAEVATHAI- GOD OF TIME- almost my autobiography like! As any other writer, I write for my satisfaction. When they are found to be useful to the viewers through my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in, I am indeed delighted and  am motivated to proceed further and further, farther and farther! One measurement of my viewers is obviously the overall number of views. Though I am a little uncomfortable that the daily views  is a little dwindled from what it was earlier, I do r4ealize my helplessness in this regard except constantly thinking of how the Blog can be made more interesting.

I am a little sensitive to the daily number of this Blog’s view and overall as it is the measure of viewers estimate of the quality of the Blog and hence I feel a little apprehensive whether the Blog is losing its sheen. Except the caption change ,this is the continuation of the TALES –every fiftieth post- and in that way this is 32nd TALE OF THE BLOGGER!
Let us have a look at the overall views since the last Tale 31 on 31st March 2019..
31/03/2019   1490th day   1550th post    1,94,571
06/04/2019   1496th day   1557th post     1,95,000
20/04/2019   1510th day   1571st post     1,96,000
03/05/2019   1523rd day   1584th post    1,97,000
16/05/2019   1536th day   1597th post     1,98,000
19/05/2019    1539th day   1600th post     1,98,161

During the period 31st March to 19th May, I participated in Four Meets 0f Tamil poets and one Seminar on Tirukkural at Valluvarkottam, Chennai!. I got four awards during this period.

Being honored with a PAYANAADAI in Thirukkovilur

With Bharathi Award

Kapilar Award from Thirukkovilur.

Sufficient i believe for this week, quite a few photos for your view unusually!
We shall meet tomorrow and till then GOOD BYE!

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