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Basava (1105 CE–

Of the many many Indian Saints and Seers gifted by
Bharatha Matha  to us to sanctify the  Society nice
In all parts of the great Nation India that is Bharath
One from Karnataka is today’s series INDIAN SAINTS 8.

Basavanna  a Twelfth-century Hindu philosopher, statesman,
Kannada poet in the Niraakaara Shiva-focussed Bhakti
Movement and a social reformer during the period
Of the Kalachuri-dynasty king Bijjala I in Karnataka.

“Listen, O lord of the meeting rivers,
things standing shall fall,
but the moving ever shall stay.”
Basava’s saying in his “The Lord of the Meeting Rivers: Devotional Poems”” .


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2 thoughts on “BASAVA -IS 8

  1. Happy to read the post on Basavanna (Jagajyothi Basaveswara as he is reverently referred to in Karnataka) and the illustrative verse composed by him in English version. His short cryptic but simple verses were, in addition to their spiritual /religious content, a treasure house of advice for leading a purposeful life,a code of conduct regulations in short.In one verse he says this mundane life is a work shop of the Creator,one who acquits himself “here” will be accepted “there”,not other wise. In another he says ” if you say ‘Ayya’ it is heaven, if you say ‘Hey’ it is hell. Quintessence of behavioral science!


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