BOOK LOVERS DAY November 2nd.

“Tell me who your friends are, I shall tell you who you are”-old time question
Tell me what books you read, I shall tell you who you are” modified question!
“Books are the best companions” and hence those who love books are to be loved
November Second today is rightly devoted to book lovers
And aptly called “BOOK LOVERS DAY”! A day to cherish by all book lovers!

Money and time not a factor for great book lovers as we see them
For them no food, no play, no recreation -all they need books on hand!
“PUSTHAKAM HASTHA LAKSHANAM” is a saying meaning book are
The ornaments in the hands of the holders! Wide readers they are!

People love reading books; reading a good hobby-it is relaxing
And entertaining, it sharpens the mind, reduces stress, gives readers
New information, helps them gain new perspectives—making them more
Empathetic. qualities helped create many book lovers throughout
The world, making it fit to observe a Book Lovers Day- today! .

Image result for madras literary society library"

Madras Literary Society’s 208 year old Library with 65000 books!

2 thoughts on “BOOK LOVERS DAY November 2nd.

  1. Nice to read your post on Book Lovers Day!

    Books provide food for thought -the kind of food even taken in excess that harms not the taker with problems like indigestion!

    Varieties they make available to the readers – the real feast incomparable with a feast full of mouth-watering dishes served on the plate, that satiates our fiery hunger so soon!

    A large-scale provider of knowledge, learning, and understanding on subjects varied and unnumbered!

    An effective tool in the wise hands of a lover that performs miracles in ecstatically spending time in private without having to disturb others!

    A companion par excellence, never to part with – a sort of relationship that a hand enjoys with the glove!

    A happy Book Lovers Day to all and enjoy devouring as many books as you can – without saturation!


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