Image result for Images for Universe"
Not here, in this place
Nor stands back to back
In elliptical shape
In beautiful form
Beauty personified
Are the active objects
Bundle of objects
Groups of objects
Embracing each other
Playing with each other
Gallery of objects
Gallery of beauty!
Group of fast moving images
Parts, continuations
In density
In energy
In volume
In its weighty weight
In its softy softness!
Objects in the Cosmos
Their energy
Have ups and downs!
Though not having
Directions definite
They follow mathematical laws.
It searches for the search!
Galaxies adopt
Makes wonders
Brings surprises
Of the planets and their deputies
Derive the authority from the LIGHT
And rule and reign!
Throw the waste in the cosmos
Add to the garbage
And form families!

Image result for Images for Universe"

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