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Being kind to all is indeed a noble quality for
All human beings, to be carefully developed right from
One’s childhood to last all through life that makes dearer to God!
World Kindness Day is today the thirteenth of November great!

World Kindness Day highlights good deeds in the community focusing
On the positive power and the common thread of kindness which is binding. Kindness is a fundamental part of the human condition which bridges the Divides- race, religion, politics, gender and zip codes.Kindness goes beyond!

Kindness not only towards humans- all creations of God deserve
Our kindness be shown to all birds and animals, plants and trees
May be stamping with our feet ants and cockroaches at home goes against
Virtue of KINDNESS. Plucking flowers too!Let us resolve to be kind to all!

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4 thoughts on “WORLD KINDNESS DAY-November 13th.

  1. Nice to view your post today on World Kindness Day!

    Waves of kindness everywhere to make atmosphere congenial for a happy living!

    No interference in the lives of all living beings- allowing them to be as they are- no way for conflict of interest to surface and disturb tranquility!

    Nature too bows its head before us for kindness to be showered on it the way it showers its abundance on mankind – an attitude mutually beneficial for both!

    Nature’s beauty is for us to witness and enjoy without ever altering its status quo – we will for sure get the coveted honour of sending nature into a state of unalloyed mirth!

    Let us make kindness a way of life, never to transgress on one premise or the other!


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