International Anti Corruption Day-December 9th


Civilized Culture and Tremendous Tradition expect nobility
Everywhere and in every place for the joy of the society!
Doing one’s duty to the satisfaction of one’s conscience
Sure to make the individuals and the society peaceful!

Oh, My God what a degeneration and degradation witnessed today
To get the things done anywhere one has to grease the palms of others!
Warranting International Anti- Corruption Day all over the world
On Ninth December – since corruption has become Omnipresent!!

International Anti-Corruption Day  observed annually, on this day
Since the passage of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption on Thirty first  October Two thousand Three to raise public awareness for anti-Corruption; let not the society indulge in giving or  accepting.

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2 thoughts on “International Anti Corruption Day-December 9th

  1. A nice post on International Anti-corruption Day!

    Corruption is so rampant, stretching far and wide across the globe, that the world body UN had to intervene and call for a day to remind us of its loathsome nature and eschew it!

    Those who are are drafted for government service with remuneration, or those who are volunteering to serve the cause of people through the medium of politics, no doubt with perks and privileges that go with them, forget about the meanness of accepting in cash and kind for the services they should render to the society!

    Equally at fault is the readiness of people to part with money not only for the routine job required of the officials concerned, but for something forbidden done out of the way!

    It’s a nasty way to create and circulate black money in our midst, contributing to inflationary trend gripping the world nations, and negatively affecting the financial life of the people!

    A need for us to repledge ourselves not to be a part of this cancerous growth that strangulates and suffocates the world economy!


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