HUMAN RIGHTS DAY-December 10th


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It is said -man is born free but ever in chains! right or wrong debatable.
Rights go with duties; many a time humans forget their duties but demand
Their rights! Situation is not desirable! Humans have their rights of course
Today is “Human Rights Day” Tenth December to make aware of both in its course!
What are the Human Rights? Here is the list:
1. Marriage and Family. Every grown-up has the right to marry and have a family if they want to. Men and women have the same rights when they are married, and when they are separated.

2. The Right to our Own Things. Everyone has the right to own things or share them. Nobody should take our things from us without a good reason.

3. Freedom of Thought. We all have the right to believe in what we want to believe, to have a religion, or to change it if we want.

4. Freedom of Expression. We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people.

5. The Right to Public Assembly. We all have the right to meet our friends and to work together in peace to defend our rights. Nobody can make us join a group if we don’t want to.

6. The Right to Democracy. We all have the right to take part in the government of our country. Every grown-up should be allowed to choose their own leaders.

7. Social Security. We all have the right to affordable housing, medicine, education, and childcare, enough money to live on and medical help if we are ill or old.

8. Workers’ Rights. Every grown-up has the right to do a job, to a fair wage for their work, and to join a trade union.

9. The Right to Play. We all have the right to rest from work and to relax.

10. Food and Shelter for All. We all have the right to a good life. Mothers and children, people who are old, unemployed or disabled, and all people have the right to be cared for.

11 The Right to Education. Education is a right. Primary school should be free. We should learn about the United Nations and how to get on with others. Our parents can choose what we learn.

12. Copyright. Copyright is a special law that protects one’s own artistic creations and writings; others cannot make copies without permission. We all have the right to our own way of life and to enjoy the good things that art, science and learning bring.

13.A Fair and Free World. There must be proper order so we can all enjoy rights and freedoms in our own country and all over the world.

14. Responsibility. We have a duty to other people, and we should protect their rights and freedoms.

15. No One Can Take Away our Human Rights.

2 thoughts on “HUMAN RIGHTS DAY-December 10th

  1. A nice welcome you gave Human Rights Day with plethora of rights listed by you!

    No one can take away the rights we are entitled to, as long as such rights do not infringe upon those of others!

    But claiming rights without concern for the corresponding duties attached therewith is not right and fair!

    We lose our rights the moment we deny the same to our brethren – give and take is the proper approach we need to adopt and act!

    This is how we can uphold the democratic principles we are happily wedded to!


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