International Migrants Day December 18th.

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In a way all the people all over the world are migrants only
We were born and died several times in the past- migrated from one life
To another- may be American I was in my previous birth
And now in this birth an Indian-migrated from America!

International Migrants Day is today the Eighteenth December
Observed in accordance with Resolution of the United Nations
General Assembly, adopted in December Two Thousand.
International Convention was for the Protection of the Rights
Of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families.
For dissemination of information on human rights and fundamental
Political freedom of migrants, and for the protection of migrants.
Let us on this day save and serve the migrants in all possible means!

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2 thoughts on “International Migrants Day December 18th.

  1. A nice post on International Migrants Day!

    The world is shrunk now, and the migrated people is a great chunk of the world population, thanks to globalization and its impact!

    A natural corollary is the ever-increasing problems being faced by the migrated across the world!

    And there arises a need to protect their rights in a foreign soil, and protection of human rights assumes added significance in the current situation!

    Governments of all nations should respect the well-meaning intentions of those settled far far away from their motherland!

    The UNO is there to monitor the events, and intervene to safeguard the interests of all concerned!


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