Image result for Images for ET bye to 2019

Bidding farewell to this year
You and I enjoyed well
Excellent year indeed it was!

Teens are gone for the present
Observers are happy with Envius Thoughts

Together we were  in our literary pursuit
Well crossed two lakhs and twenty nine thousand views
ENVIUS THOUGHTS enjoyed popularity
Never looked back in the year
Thoughts were enjoyed by the viewers
Yet a long way to go!

Never to feel depressed or disgusted
Interesting were the daily posts
Never I imagined it will go so nice
ENVIUS THOUGHTS indeed great the viewers say
Thanks I say immensely to the Goddess of Learning
Every day suggesting newer thoughts
Encouraged by the known and unknown,
Never seen yet showering their wishes!

This post is in acrostic style where reading of the FIRST LETTERS OF EACH LINE TOGETHER gives the title of the post:


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