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A Tenth student was referring to her IT test in her school
I joked we in our school days only had HIGH TEA  test decades ago!
Yes these are the days of INFORMATION  TECHNOLOGY all over
Sixth January today is NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY DAY!

The day recognizes the way technology changes the world
And looks to the future of technology. From the wheel to smartphones,
Each year the day honors technological achievements made that impact our daily lives.
Imagine the world without technology.  In our daily lives,
We can’t take a step without coming into contact with a form of it.
The world is full of technology.

Outside  healthcare sector, technical jobs are  the strongest and fastest-.
And let’s face  technology which is at the center of most jobs these days.
From agriculture, healthcare and fitness to entertainment, food service
And security we use technology to keep us organized, connected, healthy and safe.

One area of the tech world that continues to advance and affect our lives is apps.
With  smartphones, apps are way more than just games or photo editing.
If you haven’t made any resolutions yet, resolve to check out these trending apps:

  • AXEL – Files move or stream from one device straight to another. No stops along the way and no uploading. Removes the middlemen.
  • Circle of 6 – When talking about personal safety, this is a tool we might consider having.  It’s designed to quickly and discreetly get help in dangerous situations.  By simply tapping twice, pre-written messages are sent to designated recipients, GPS location included.
  • Zombies, Run! – Exercise as a game. And zombies. It’s a zombie exercise


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