Anandamayi Ma IS 38

Of the numerous Saints and Seers , Bharat Matha gave us
One great lady Saint is Anandamayi Ma described by
Sivananda Saraswathi as the most perfect flower the Indian soil
Produced- born on thirtieth April Eighteen Ninety Six
And departed to her heavenly abode on Twenty Seventh
August Nineteen Eighty Two-name means “joy permeated”!

Poorvashrama name  Nirmala Sundari an Indian Saint,
Precognition, faith healing and miracles  attributed to her.
Name was given to her by her devotees in the nineteen twenties
To describe her perpetual state of divine joy.
India’s holiness sprouted from the great saints and seers
Enlightening entire humanity from our holy land!

Sri Anandamoyi Ma.jpg

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,34,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 111th view at 19.50 hrs yesterday viz Monday   the 27th  January 2020, (27/01/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the attractive figure   TWO LAC AND THIRTY FOUR THOUSAND (234000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1822nd day and 1859th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.


2 thoughts on “Anandamayi Ma IS 38

  1. A nice post on Anandamayi Ma in your IS series!

    Saints and Seers are a class of its own, who always had that distinction of spreading peace, joy, and happiness among the people!

    Unparalleled mission is their universal language, which is understandable by one and all!

    May we take their cream, and marinate our food of life for ourselves and others as well!


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