22nd February – World Scout Day

Image result for Image of a Scout in India

February twenty second today a great day when World Scout Day is observed
Worldwide in nearly all Scout associations, Founders’ Day is celebrated
The birthday of Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell
Born in the year Eighteen Hundred Fifty Seven. the founder of Scouting, and
Also  his wife Olave Baden-Powell born in Eighteen Eighty Nine.
A greatly disciplined force serving the Society in times of need fine!

I happily recollect my high school days in Karaikudi in
Mid Nineteen Fifties during which period I was a boy scout
In Sivaji Troop- patrol Leader and Troop Leader in  about
Seven years – respected by student friends and admired by teachers!
When in uniform with a prestigious scarf felt as if in Army serving the Nation
Days in the Movement turned to be days with great passion!

Image result for Image of a Scout in India

2 thoughts on “22nd February – World Scout Day

  1. A nice post on World Scouts Day with a nice photo of yours in the scouts dress!

    Scouts – a great movement, across the globe in the service of society!

    An opportunity at the young age to face life with confidence!

    A discipline-builder that instills patriotism in the minds of the cadre!

    May patriotism prevail over nationalism, and the world may prosper in the face of obstacles that come its way!


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