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Never seen the God
But ever felt His presence
Never seen the wind
But ever felt its presence
Sure too its absence
Without much of intelligence!

Breeze, air, wind and storm
All named on fixed norm
Never seen in physical form
Always heard their mystic voice
Many times mild and melodious
Some times wild and ferocious
Weak plants and giant trees of all kind
Dance along with the DANCE OF WIND!

Weak is not weak
Strong is not strong
Tender plant survives the storm
Giant tree victim in its arm
Flexibility pays
Rigidity falls!

Unseen Divine Dance of Wind
Seen thro’ the dance of plants and trees
Playing nice to its rhythm and tune
Sight indeed to see and enjoy
Music great to hear and rejoice
Divine communion with delightful nature!

Invisible God
Invisible wind
Sound of storm
Hound of Heaven!

Vayu the great
Sans thy help
We become pulp
Lifeless, motionless!

Sure to be grateful
Pollute not the air
Keep it pure with all your flair
Ensure healthy life and cheer!


Image result for Images for INVISIBLE WIND