Of the Nayanmars Sixty Three- Tamil Saint Poets of Shaivism
One is a great nayanmar by name Eripaththa Nayanar
Venerated extensively by the devotees of Lord Shiva
Counted as the eighth in the list of  Nayanars Sixty three.

Life of Eripatha Nayanar described in the Periya Puranam by Sekkizhar of
Twelfth Century a hagiography of the  Nayanars. Eripatha Nayanar
Belonged to Karuvur, known as Karur, which is famous for
Pasupateeswarar temple dedicated to the patron god of  Shiva.
Karuvur  one of the chief centres of the Chola kingdom.

Pugal Chola, who is also venerated as Nayanar, ruled over the land.
Eripatha a devotee of Shiva , worshipped him daily at the shrine of
Pasupateeswarar.  spent his time serving Shiva and his devotees.
Always carried an axe with him for protection of the devotees of Shiva.
He would punish any one who harmed the devotees by his axe.

A devotee  Sivakami Andar used to collect fresh flowers
In the morning for making garlands for Shiva’s worship.
Once on the day of Maha Navami, the royal elephant of
The Chola was being paraded through the town.
The elephant saw Sivakami Andar and seized the basket of flowers
Crushed the flowers. The devotee pursued the elephant, but failed
To keep pace due to his ripe age. While passing by, Eripatha saw
The wailing devotee and chased the elephant to punish it.
Caught up with the elephant and not only slew the beast, but also its
Mahout and accompanying guards  failed  to control the elephant.

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