For  more than four decades while in service with my Alma mater
When I learnt the art and science of life and living while in various
States-Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan =Life Insurance
Corporation of India- Thirty First March used to be a day
Of thrills, challenges, hectic activities, expectations, elation
Approbations,  disappointments all in memories green today!

Books closing ended  exactly on thirty first of March in fifties
And sixties gradually extended to the end of April- giving
A little breathing time to close! thrills remaining unabated!
After retirement, seeing the closing days in Banks and other
Industries! Challenges and activities continue as ever!

Let us close the books of our life for the year
Analyzing our assets and liabilities in the year leaving by
Assets of the good and honest work done, helping all,
Liabilities of unjust acts done, hurting one or the other,
Cheating and exploiting the weak and poor!
Let us add no further liability and improve our assets in the year to come!
Any how we do need challenges to meet with our mettle and succeed!

Following are the balances extracted from the books of Narain Lal ...


This year’s special


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2 thoughts on “31st.March BOOKS CLOSING DAY!

  1. A nice post on Books Closing Day, today!

    A day to see its COMFORTABLE PLUS in comparison with that last year’s output!

    A day that pools together all the spadework done in the past, may be even many more year ago, to bring in the results positive, and call it a day!

    But this year, CORONA has interfered with the routines, keeping us locked within the four walls, instilling the fear of its catch in our psyche!

    May Patience and Perseverance help us to combat the efficacy of the virus and drive it away beyond trace!


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