May Day May First!

MAY DAY 2020 at Revolution Aberdeen, Aberdeen

“No strikes nor lock-outs, all concerned to work in peace and harmony
Workers- partners for plenty –sure not to bring in disharmony
No conflicts with peers and clients, up and down -treat all as equal
No dream but reality, the earth will be heaven- a marvel!”
Is my wish and prayer on this day an important day for all
MAY DAY -MAY FIRST is today- I was a worker for four decades
And more in my Alma mater -Life Insurance Corporation of India
Where I learnt the art of life and living! Great four decades indeed!

International Workers’ Day the first day of May- sacred day
My Lord! Thee created the world, humans and animals. I pray
Welfare of the working class – must for the welfare of Society
Sure whose welfare is a must for the welfare of the world’s safety!

May Day is celebrated for centuries all over the globe
Workers must unite and serve all and their duty is not to probe
Who is right and who is wrong but to be above board and devote
Their time for productivity greater which in turn helps promote!

Promoting peace and plenty, health and happiness on earth duty
My Lord! The guide and protector let me enjoy nature’s beauty
Enhancing my peace and joy, passing the same to my folks at home
I do assert for my rights, at the same time help the nation grow!

Real rural wages plunge 3.8 per cent in September | India News,The ...

Who cares for these poor rural laborers on this day?

2 thoughts on “May Day May First!

  1. A nice post today on May Day!

    The world rolls, thanks to the workers everywhere toiling – for themselves and for others!

    Production is at the centre of economy, which may suffer from standstill if everyone keeps themselves within doors – as we are literally doing it now, and the entire credit goes to CORONAVIRUS threatening our presence in the open!

    All are doing their part in making others happy with all they require!

    Nothing should be considered superior or inferior, as everything needs to be done for satisfying varying needs of people!

    Unity and coordination among the working class is essential to keep the wheels of economic activity moving in the larger interest of society as a whole!

    It’s a case of all for all, as we all of us are linked with one another – to offer and receive as well – and one cannot do everything to be self-reliant, and necessary to depend on others for fulfillment!


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