Having been a TROUP LEADER for about years five in school, I should
Have joined the NATIONAL CADET CORPS in my college days-I missed !
May be reasons adduced now- walking to college up and down miles sixteen
Where is the time and health needed for N C C cadet- natural NO!

The National Cadet Corps  the youth wing of Armed Forces – Headquarters
At New Delhi open to school and college students on voluntary basis.
A Tri-Services Organisation, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Wing,
To groom the youth  into disciplined and patriotic citizens.

A voluntary organisation recruiting cadets from high schools,
Colleges and universities. given basic military training in  arms and parades.
No liability for active military service once they complete their course.
The  uniformed youth organization. with motto  ‘Unity and Discipline’.

Though for long in existence in forms and names different from time to time
The current format came into being on Fifteenth July Nineteen Forty Eight!
Girls Division raised  to for equal opportunities to school and college  girls.
NCC curriculum  extended to  community development and social service
As a part of the NCC syllabus since Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for its growth.

During Indo-Pakistani war and Bangladesh-Pakistani war
NCC cadets were the second line of defense.  organised camps to assist
Ordnance factories, supplying arms and ammunition to the front and also as
Patrol parties to capture enemy paratroopers. They also worked with
Civil Defence authorities and  took part in rescue works and traffic control.
NCC syllabus revised. laid greater stress on developing
Qualities of leadership andOfficer like qualities.   importance
Given to social service and youth Management.

NCC Motto and Aim “Unity and Discipline”  In living up to its motto,
One of the greatest cohesive forces  Bringing together
The youth hailing from different parts of the country and made them
Into united, secular and disciplined citizens of the nation!

N C C Girl


N C C Boy

P S This post is at the instance of my great friend and former colleague Mr. Clifford Martis retired Executive Director, Life Insurance Corporation of India and now settled in Bangalore.  LIC in fact is my Alma mater where I learnt the art of life and living.


2 thoughts on “I MISSED NCC!

  1. A nice and long story on NCC!

    A nice concept to bring the youth in service of the nation!

    Discipline learnt as a Cadet goes a long way in the life of an individual, extending to patriotic fervour, needed most in the affairs of the nation!

    Our country calls for youth power to make it stand strong and resilient in meeting the challenges before it – both internal and external!

    Opting to be part of NCC while being young may be a prelude to those willing to serve in any of the Services responsible for the security of the nation!

    Our youth population is very much a favourable factor contributing to the “height” our nation can attain!

    Let them be motivated in the nation- building activities right from the young age!


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