2000th Post

Yes, today it is 2000th post-and hence the TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 40!

Today is not a Sunday but  it is  2000th post. It is Wednesday 27th May.  Any how I am the monarch of all I survey as for as the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is concerned! I am the writer, Editor, a viewer –thank God I am not the only viewer- more than 2 lakhs viewers are there! PLEASE LOOK FOR THIS SUNDAY STORY also  on 31st May.

1947 days are over since the Blog was launched on 25th February 2015  and today is 1948th day and the post is 2000th without any break. God has been kind enough to bless with physical, mental and intellectual strength to continue this passion sans any break. This Tale has become a Wednesday STORY instead of  SUNDAY STORY!

The blog’s esteemed viewers appear to be reasonably satisfied with the contents and presentation as is seen from the following increasing number of views gradually but steadily though slight depression will be there on a few days.

20/05/2020 1941st day 1992nd post        2,46,000 views

14/05/2020 1935th day 1983rd post      2,45,000 views

06/05/2020 1927th day 1972nd post       2,44,000 views

26/04/2020  1917th day 1961st post      2,43,000 views

16/04/2020   1907th day   1949th post     2,42,000 views.

Well, during the period covered by the last fifty posts, flood of water has flown under Ganges!

The whole world continues to be flooded with CORONA VIRUS and it is several days we see the people walking or biking on the roads! It is estimated by the scientists that the total weight of the CORONA VIRUS in the ENTIRE WORLD is JUST ONE GRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what I wrote a small note to my friends in Chennai and some outsiders:

May walk
May not walk
On the road!
May bike
May not bike
On the road!
But I
Go on
Watching from my balcony
A few who do,
Dogs running here and there barking,
Crows flying in the blue sky
Jumping from branch of
One tree to another.
Tree branches swinging,
This side and that side
Because of wind,
Or because of swinging wind blows?”

Yes today’s CONCERN, WORRY, botheration, thoughts, talks writings  and so on are about that monster virus all over the world called CORONA supposed to have originated from our neighbor CHINA. All are locked in and are under punishment of “STAY AT HOME”! No schools, no colleges, no offices, no factories, no trains, no flights, no transportation, no temples, no churches, no mosques, no Gurudwaras, no eating houses- big or small , palace like hotels or roadside eateries! People depending on daily wages for their food go and stand in queues waiting for the supply of food by generous and philanthropic minded people, institutions and organizations as they do not earn anything to have food these days! No schools, colleges, examinations till June end!

DISTANCING- individual and social is claimed to be one of the effective ways of combating the evil not suffered in the known history of mankind in the recent or distant past.   No face masks, no gloves, no sanitizers!!!!  As of now up to twenty seventh MAY no getting out of home – likely to be extended again and again!

Here is a tribute to this Blogger – deserving or undeserving?????????

Feedback from Mathew Eapen, American blogger’s society member based at New York…

*Dr NVS is the only blogger we have seen in the history of blogging-Doing with out any returns…We have seen many bloggers doing for monitory benefits through advertisement..

His personal blogs are truly great… Earlier the Ginger one has gone viral in bloggers group.. Really a unique blog👍🏼

Now CVK @66…Though I have not seen CVK, I have a clear and vivid picture about him… Great man with a social orientation…Need to appreciate such people..If many CVKs are born , world will be a better place to live*

Rich tribute paid by New York blogger Mathew Eapen, I accept with all humility and thank him for his love and kindness. I only pray God that I continue with greater quality of content and presentation.

I do hope that this Wednesday TALE OF THE BLOGGER Part 40 would have been interesting. Next Sunday Story topic as it is left to the imagination of our esteemed viewers ! Till then Bye!









4 thoughts on “TALE OF A BLOGGER 40

  1. Sir,
    You are not only posting, but also causing to learn new things, about globe. PLs. Keep on ……..
    Best wishes sir,.
    Yes. Postings content reflect you sir that you are not an ordinary person. YES, YES, YES.
    Super Sir.🙏


  2. TALE 40 is an inspiring write-up!

    Kudos to you, for posting 2000 posts in 1948 days – a non-stop performance from day 1 you launched your blog!

    You’ve proved, given the undaunting willpower and unconquerable passion, there is nothing that cannot be done!

    Being a disciplinarian to the core, you’ve made it possible, and you’ll continue to do so exceedingly well, making us fortunate to have your thoughts for healthy consumption on a daily basis – can we go without food for our body -and for our thought as well?

    Can corona escape your attention?
    And so we have it too from your blog!

    Viewers around the world are behind you – must be anxious to view yours – may be many in the very early morning itself – as it is your wont to post them exactly at four in the morning when, of course, in our time zone, people will be in sound sleep mode!

    Best wishes to you…..


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