International Picnic Day- June 18th

Now picnic to your heart's content at India Gate - The Hindu

For many indeed PICNIC is a luxury! Money apart time?
Time permitting nothing can be more joyful than a picnic
To a nearby spot with children enjoying the day with play
And food of different varieties prepared by beloved mother!

Selecting a day with nice climate neither very hot nor cold,
Spot with trees lovely, plants and flowers in full swing
A veritable day to spend with the beloveds free from home !
Joining children in their play, fun and frolic a joy by itself.

Sitting in a circle under the green wood tree, flowing  mild breeze
Enjoying the music of birds sitting on the tree, flying around
Birds of different feathers, and colors and voices quite pleasant
Forgetting the responsibilities of office or business
Nothing can provide greater joy and pleasure for the family.
Lakh of money and materials cannot be equal to a day’s picnic!

Simple Food - International Picnic Day - Simple Life Management









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