Fourth of July fireworks behind the Washington Monument, 1986.jpg

Creator-the Lord Almighty created the whole world to be free
And enjoy freedom and peace, joy and plenty live with independence!
But alas greedy political leaders of various countries
Bring under their control countries small and big to serve under!

Fortunately people are freedom minded and fight for independence!
India that is Bharath fought for freedom from the British for long
Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and got independence !
Fourth of July today -the great Independence Day of
The United States of America- observed in a fitting manner!

United States commemorate the Declaration of Independence
Of the United States, on July Fourth  Seventeen Seventy Six..
The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies
No longer  subordinate to the monarch of Britain, King George THREE
And were now united, free, and independent states.
The Congress  voted to declare independence two days earlier,
On July second, but  was  declared on this day in Seventeen Seventy Six! This second post is at the instance of my VISION SCIENTIST  son presently at U S.

2 thoughts on “4th July-U S INDEPENDENCE DAY!

  1. Your post on US Independence Day on 4th – a nice read!

    One of the largest democracies in the world which was earlier under the captive power of the British!

    Expansionist culture of some avarious leaders – the cause behind their fight for annexing some parts along the border, or the whole country, sometimes!

    Curtailment of freedom, in general, makes people tied to the dictates of others, and bars them from indulging in activities to their liking, howsoever legitimate they may be!

    Imagine when the whole nation is to dance to the tunes of an alien power all the time for years together in every aspect of their daily functioning!

    Slavery mentality should go and fighting to the core is what is expected of a peace-loving individual on the path that leads to attainment of independence!

    Let us breathe unadulterated air, and enjoy the freedom!

    And let us be responsible enough not to ignore others’ sense of freedom too!


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