One more communication leading to Part II

Although written many years ago, the enclosed poem seems for me to be a warning for the recent happenings.

Of course we should criticize racism, especially as it used to happen in the US where, when a white policeman killed a black man was not even put in prison. Floyd was killed. The policeman who killed him should be imprisoned. But (the media does not mention that), Floyd was a thief. Making him a hero is neither the right thing. Every day thousands of innocent people are being killed, in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen, including in Africa by Africans. Because of misleading by their presidents, American, Brazilians, British, Russian etc. citizens die because of the corona virus.
But nobody protests. The masses are being manipulated much more than ever before.

The present poem warns about protests, about the manipulations. It is an objective warning for what is happening around the world since the last decade.
The translation of some of the sentences is rather complicated, so in order to help you to make a correct translation in your language, which is different from the French or the English, I give a few clarifications based on the original:

Especially at the moment, I think it is a very nice poem, although It is a bit complicated, so I think you can translate it a bit more free, so that YOUR readers understand the warning. Honestly speaking, I am also quite happy with the illustration I found for the poem
Best regards

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THIS WEEK’S POEM in Dutch translated to English which in turn is translated into Tamil by me and presented to the Esteemed Viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHT


The dead with broken faces rise up
The tongue of the humiliated swells
The stormy tide of victims rises
But beware bearers of scars

Extinguish in your flesh the volcanoes of hate
Stomp the sting and spit out the venom
that would one day make you look like the executioners

Silence those bugles, those bells forcing sameness commanding vengeance
Question your guts
Get through your own masks
Be different.

ANDRÉE CHEDID, Egypt-France (1920-2011)

Translation German Droogenbroodt – Stanley Barkan


முனைவர் என் வி சுப்பராமன், சென்னை 9840477552

தழும்புகளைச் சுமப்பவர்கள்!

உடைந்த முகங்களுடன் இறந்தவர்கள் எழுகின்றனர்
இழிவுபடுத்தப்பட்டவர்களின் நாக்குகள் பொங்கி எழுகின்றன
பாதிக்கப்பட்டவர்களின் புயல் அலைகள் எழுகின்றன
தழும்புகளைச் சுமப்பவர்களே எச்சரிக்கையாக இருங்கள்!

வெறுப்பு என்ற எரிமலைதனை உங்கள் தசைகளில் அணைத்துவிடுங்கள்
வன்மத்தை காலடியில் மிதித்துத், துப்பி விடுங்கள்!
ஒருநாள் உங்களைத் தூக்கிலிடுபவர்களெனக் காட்டும்!

அந்த காற்று இசைக்கருவியை மூடி வையுங்கள்
பழிதீர்ப்பதற்கு உதவும் மணிகளை முடக்கி வையுங்கள்
உங்களது தைரியத்தைச் சோதித்துப் பாருங்கள்!
உங்கள் முகத்திரையை மாற்றுங்கள்
மாறுபட்டவராக இருந்து பழகுங்கள்!

ஆண்ட்ரீ செடிட் (எகிப்து=ஃப்ரான்ஸ் (1920-2011)

மொழிமாற்றம்- ஜெர்மெய்ன் ட்ரூகன் ப்ருட்-ஸ்டான்லி பார்கன்.








  1. A nice poem and it’s translation!

    We believe the news which reach us through print media!

    Nothing wrong with the freedom of expression – but FACTS SHOULD NEVER LIE!
    This freedom should never travel solo, integrity should accompany with it!

    Why truth is sought to be hidden from the public view – does it have to do with tricks of the trade such as paid news that distort news?

    Hatred – it changes our true selves for the worst, and may it be replaced with love for the humanity to live in peace!


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