July 18th International Nelson Mandela Day

South African Gandhi he was  Nelson Mandela born on this day
Eighteenth July. Fought for freedom and succeeded great indeed!
Earned  many an accolade!.   an iconic figure that triumphed
Over South Africa’s apartheid regime.  a human rights lawyer,
A prisoner of conscience, and an international peacemaker.
The first democratically elected president of a free
South Africa. the United Nations General Assembly
Want the world  to celebrate his life.  on this day Nelson Mandela’s
Birthday— Day to celebrates the idea that each individual
Has the power to transform the world and the ability to make an impact.

In honor of his sixty seven years of public service, the Nelson Mandela Foundation
And the United Nations ask us to spend SIXTY SEVEN MINUTES of our time helping others.

Nelson Mandela: icon of reconciliation and forgiveness – Channel 4 ...

2 thoughts on “July 18th International Nelson Mandela Day

  1. A nice post on the International Nelson Mandela Day!

    Power of human beings – unlimited!

    Individuals should bring that power to the fore and consciously work towards the upliftment of society, in whatever way feasible!

    For only when we try, we can fathom the depth of our ability and do wonders!

    Examples like Mandela showcase the possibility the moment we are awake out of our pretended slumber!


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