எல்லாப் புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே

Bakrid 2020: Top 20 Eid ul Adha Wishes and Messages

Today is a sacred and holy day BAKRID to all Muslim fraternity in Pakistan and all over the globe. My “ID MUBARAK” to all of them.

Great national poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar has written a verse in praise of Allah in Tamil which is given hereunder along with my translation into English for non-Tamil knowing friends from 175 countries in the world who are the viewers of my ENVIUS THOUGHTS here.

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Allah, Allah, Allah!

1 Thousands and thousands, crore and cores of worlds

In all directions in the outer space without bounds

Life and living go on and on sans let or hindrance

Thanks to the disciplined grace of Allah-the bright

Beyond the reach of words and minds-great light!

(Allah, Allah, Allah)

  1. Though uneducated, though utter no truths

Though mischievous and does no prayers

Though not going by the words of HIS wisdom,

All are made to come and adore Allah

And are relieved from the fear of death!

(Allah, Allah, Allah)



அல்லா, அல்லா, அல்லா!


  1. பல்லாயிரம் பல்லாயிரம் கோடி கோடியண்டங்கள்

எல்லாத் திசையிலுமோ ரெல்லை யில்லாவெளி வானிலே

நில்லாது சுழன்றோட நியமஞ் செய்தருள் நாயகன்

சொல்லாலும் மனத்தாலும் தொடொரொணாத பெருஞ்சோதி!

(அல்லா, அல்லா, அல்லா)

கல்லாதவராயினும், உண்மை சொல்லாதவ ராயினும்

பொல்லாதவராயினும் தவமில் லாதவ ராயினும்

நல்லாருரை நீதியின்படி நில்லாதவ ராயினும்

எல்லோரும் வந்தேத்து மளவில் யமபயங் கெடச் செய்பவன்!

(அல்லா, அல்லா, அல்லா)

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2 thoughts on “ALL GLORY TO ALLAH!

  1. A nice poem on Allah by Mahalavi and its translation!

    More than death itself fear of its arrival frightening!

    Reaching to the feet of Allah evaporates this feel of exit from the mortal body!

    A peace dispenser to all residing in this vast world!

    Brotherhood he preaches for all to survive in an environ of livability!

    May he shower all the blessings on this HUMANITY!


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