1st September L I C Birth day!

Yes FIRST SEPTEMBER is the birth day of the mighty Life Insurance
Corporation of India =as I normally say and write-in my exuberance
my Alma mater where I learnt the ART and SCIENCE of LIFE and LIVING!

LIFE INSURANCE is and its history  in India is more than a century fit!

I just recollect- absolutely happy recollections- ! I joined in 1961 and retired from services in 2001. Kindly go to the archives of this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com and the first post was my  TRYST WITH LIC”! I am sure my esteemed viewers  will enjoy it though for some it may be a repetition.

Let us all wish LIC  a happy birth day and many many happy returns of the day!


Coronavirus impact: LIC declares extension of premium payments deadline up to April 15- The New Indian Express





4 thoughts on “1st September L I C Birth day!

  1. Thank you for the nice post on LIC today, the day this mighty organisation came into existence in the year 1956!

    As an LICian, I take pride in having served the institution for 36 years!

    The social cause it continues to serve on a scale unimagined is a factor that rightly weighs with its popularity amongst the population!

    May it grow further and further and stay competitive with other insurers in the market, in reaching every member of each household across the country, and light the lamp of SECURITY!


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