MUNIFICENT MUSICIAN’s Birth Day -September 16th

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Lord Almighty  in HIS lasting  compassion for the humanity
Creates gems among the human beings-a great variety
To be at peace and happiness, joy and poise-Divinity
Graces and ennobles with motivating music  of the munificent!

One such precious and munificent musician was

M S Subbalakshmi born hundred and four years ago –yes
On sixteenth September nineteen sixteen quite versatile
Ennobled the society through her Divine voice and music!

In the United Nations rendered “MAITHREEM Bhajatha”
“Oh, world cultivate peace” of revered Kanchi Acharya!
Traveled world wide –as an Ambassador of peace through music
Had a stint in the cine field with her films immortal!

Devotional songs in languages various ring in
Many homes and temples all over, bringing peace
In the holy hearts- never to get back melody
So great of Bharatha Rathna the munificent musician!

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2 thoughts on “MUNIFICENT MUSICIAN’s Birth Day -September 16th

  1. Nice to hear on the munificent musician, M S Subbalakshmi!

    Power of music on the human mind enormous!

    Music and peace inseparable!

    Music in fusion with devotion
    Blissful state humans achieve!

    Subbalakshmi a godly gift
    To the world of Music !

    A captivating voice
    That keeps none
    Unattracted to!


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