Image result for Image of C P Brown

This land of ours has a hoary culture
Fell into the hands of a hungry vulture
Lost its glory to be retrieved in future
Registered freedom without much of a rupture

Natives were looked down with frown
Treating them as not more than clown
An English was born with name of Brown
Adorned the native language with lovely crown!

Telugu tongue is great and sweet
Lyrics and literature vast and deep
To unearth the meaning tough and steep
BROWN made us learn with peace and ease!

Learnt the language with love nad passion
Spread its fragrance with vision and mission
Made us look with sense of shame and admiration
Inspired us through his boundless dedication!

Effective tool of learning is dictionary
Brought out the same with zeal of a missionary
Sure was a treasure to the posterity
One can quote it with a sense of authority!

Lived his life as a TELUGU SAGE
In all his service in the center stage
Service offered in golden page
Ever green in our hearts is his noble image!

Image result for Photo of CPBrown Memorial Library in Kadapa

C.P. Brown Memorial Library in KADAPA AP where I was for three years-1995-1998-happy life that will be ever green in my lifetime!Great indeed.

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