Feb.24th-Tamilnadu State Girl Children Protection Day

First state Girl Child Protection Day marked in Jaya's memory - DTNext.in

In the great creation of the Omnipotent,Omnipresent, Omniscient

Lord Almighty all creations are great and equal. No discrimination present.

No girl or boy, no rich or poor, no young or old all have to be protected

And taken care of by the society and the world.

Twenty fourth February today-Tamilnadu. State Girl Children Protection Day.

Yes it is unfortunate that it has become a must in this society.lest their life and honor at stake..

My State Tamilnadu true to its ancient culture, gives the respect to motherhood

Today’s girl child to be the mother years hence, and therefore to be protected by all means.

Let us protect and keep the TAMIL CULTURE and TRADITION for ever.

Indeed parents having girl children are fortunate; love and affection, care and concern

For parents are displayed by Girls more than boys! Assets sure are the girl children

For any family in the society. Let us therefore protect GIRL CHILDREN till they come to age.

When they can take care of the selves and others. Let us resolve on this sacred day !

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Fruits | Nivetha

S. Nivetha in Vijayawada Poets Meet in 2016

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