International Day of Conscience-April 5th.

Education as an instrument of self improvement is indeed great

To be taken seriously to become noble and great to serve

The society and the world! April Fifth today is a holy day:


Celebrations are today observed every year on Fifth April and

The first International Conscience Day was observed in Twenty Twenty.

In the current year 2021, the second  United Nations (UN) International

Day of Conscience celebrations are being held across the world.

Celebrated to highlight the importance of conscience and

The role of conscience in stopping people from harming

Others orally, physically, mentally and intellectually.

The day emphasizes that every one high or low

Has self respect and the right to live with peace and security.

Anti humanity acts are condemned to make the public hate and avoid such acts.

International Day of Conscience 2021 :Theme, Description, History, Quotes  and Activities of International Conscience Day

2 thoughts on “International Day of Conscience-April 5th.

  1. CONSCIENCE – the need of the hour!

    It is due regard for the opinion of others, while at the same time maintaining self-respect….

    Enjoyment of freedom from fear – with magnanimity to consider the rights of others equally….

    Not to disturb peace – forced by our over-enthusiasm in furthering our own selfish cause..

    To live and let live – it is equality of opportunity that we must focud to ensure harmony in our midst….

    This day to remember and reiterate our duty to act with conscience and be the better part of the society!


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