Tamil Nadu Election 2021 Dates Announced: Single-phased Polling on April 6,  Counting on May 2 | Latest Updates

Democracy denotes Government of the people, for the people

And by the people. Yes today Sixth April my home State Tamilnadu has

Assembly elections -hotly contested by two main fronts and a third one

Along with many independents in the arena! 114 page Poll manifesto

Of one of the main contesting front! All parties prepoll promise pounds

Post poll performing less than an ounce- unfortunate what we experience!

For that less than an ounce of performance, lot of publicity made!

There is no reason why and how there can be a difference this time!

Man lives on hope and expectation- let us hope better wisdom dawns

On the front whoever wins nd forms Government next!

Great services and building up the State over with great CM

Padikkaadha Maedhai KAMARAJ nd his team of CS, Kakkan and RV and so on!

Any how let us fulfill the DEMAND OF DEMOCRACY- go and vote

NOTA no matter-we ensure that no other political party

Makes use of our absence and vote in their favor!!!!!

Beauty or pity today is what any Government should normally do

The contesting ruling combine speak as if they are great achievements!

tamil nadu assembly elections 2021 poll date result schedule announcement  election commission official | Elections News – India TV

2 thoughts on “DEMAND OF DEMOCRACY!

  1. Democracy is ought to survive and people’s rights are well cared for!

    Elections are an opportunity for the people to vent their feelings of disapproval, if any, found in the ruling dispensation, and expressing their intent for a rule by some other party – in the larger interest of the common man….

    Are their rights ceased once they’ve exercised their franchise?

    It is not to be so, and the trust placed in the new incumbents should be reflected in their governance!

    Is it too much if we want people’s money reploughed for the benefit of the same people for whom an elected government should strive and perform?

    It should never be a case of hoping against hope, and promises made come true and the commitment towards the society sees its light and the democracy survives!


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