Sir P. T. Rajan birth day-12th April.

Sir Ponnambala Thiaga Rajan (12 April 1892 – 25 September 1974) was the Chief Minister of Madras Presidency from 4 April 1936, to 24 August 1936.[He was also the last President of the Justice Party.
P. T. Rajan was born in a Thondaimandala Mudaliar family in Uthamapalayam. His ancestors were from Kanchipuram . He was educated at The Leys School, Cambridge and Jesus College, Oxford. He graduated in history and law and practiced as an advocate for some time before joining the Justice Party.
Rajan was elected to the Madras Legislative Council as a Justice Party candidate in 1920 and served as a legislator till his defeat in 1937. He held various offices such as the Minister of Public Works and then, the Chief Minister of Madras Presidency. From 1939 to 1944, Rajan supported Periyar but broke off and headed the rebel Justice Party till 1957. Rajan was elected to the Madras Legislative Assembly in 1952 and served as a legislator from 1952 to 1957. Rajan died in 1974 at the age of 82.
Rajan’s son Palanivel Rajan served as a minister of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and speaker of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly from 1996 to 2001. Rajan’s grandson Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan (son of Palanivel Rajan) currently serves as the Member representing Madurai Central Constituency in the 15th Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu.

Tamilnadu had a host of leaders of different shades and hues! One such is SIR P T RAJAN as described above. They contributed for the welfare of the State and people in their own ways! Right or wrong, none can judge. It is a part of history now!

2 thoughts on “Sir P. T. Rajan birth day-12th April.

  1. A beautiful account of the great Sri.P T RAJAN, the politician who contributed to the cause of our state in various capacities held by him!

    Well remembered as one among the best in politics!

    Rare to spot the likes of PTR nowadays!

    Glory to such leaders of repute!


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