April 21-World Creativity and Innovation Day

Creativity and Innovation are the hallmarks of human beings

Highest creation of Almighty! April Twenty First today is

World Creativity and Innovation Day! Day to celebrate with joy!

Let us join the world in spreading awareness among all in the world!

World Creativity and Innovation Day  is a global UN day celebrated today

To raise awareness around the importance of creativity and innovation

In problem solving with respect to advancing the United Nations sustainable

Development goals, – “global goals“. The day created with UN resolution

With the support of Eighty countries. The first World Creativity and Innovation Day

Was celebrated in Two Thousand Eighteen. Participants of Bhopal Smart city

Hackathon on WCID. The purpose is to encourage creative multidisciplinary

Thinking at the individual and group levels which helps the creative economy

By UNESCOUNDP, and UNOSSC, has “become


World Creativity And Innovation Day Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free  Image. Image 6919865.

2 thoughts on “April 21-World Creativity and Innovation Day

  1. A nice awareness created on this day dedicated to creativity and innovation by humans !

    Smart way of doing things, avoiding the beaten track, always on the look out for means different to approach life, taking monotony away and finding tasks interesting – it’s all about creativity and innovation that we embrace in finding solutions to issues we routinely encounter!

    Destination is constant, with thrill lying in the ways we set out on our journey!

    Unbridled imagination to take us to the heights of glory in every walk of life!


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