May Day 2021 , International Workers Day ,May Day History and Celebrations

“MAY FIRST-MAY DAY” -is today! World observes as “LABOR DAY” great indeed!

May Day or International Workers’ Day is celebrated all over the world,

Including our holy and sacred Motherland India that is Bharath on this day!

Like in most countries, on May Day, public and Government offices,

Schools, and colleges remain closed. It came came into prominence in India1923!.

Sans a strong and responsible labor force with dedication

No nation can progress- in the industrial, official and so on!

May Day celebrates the contribution and sacrifice of workers

To and for the society. The day’s importance dates back to the times

When workers in the United States started protesting against

Draconian labour laws, workers’ rights violations, poor working conditions,

And dreadful work hours. May Day is synonymous to workers’ struggles

And the subsequent empowerment in later.

It was on this day when a police contingent opened fire and killed

At least two of the striking workers demanding 8-hour work day

Instead of grueling sixteen-hour work day. Following the infamous

murder of peaceful protestors, more workers joined the protests

And it was only in 1916 that the US began to recognize the eight-hour work timings.

We, in India, started observing the day from 1 May 1923 after

The Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan initiated and Comrade

Singaravelar helmed the celebrations. A resolution stating

The government should allow everybody a national holiday

On Labor Day. Since then May Day is observed annually.

Speeches given by workers’ union leaders and cultural events

Are common on this day. Schools, colleges, and offices are usually closed on this day.

We only wish and pray on this day that the labor force works with

All duty conscience and Dedication for the cause of work and society.

Happy World Labour Day 2021: Images, Photos, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings,  Messages for International Workers Day.

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