4 May: Coal Miners Day, International Firefighter’s Day

International Firefighters' Day 2020: Date, history, significance, quotes,  images for WhatsApp, Instagram status - Information News

Coal mining and fire fighting indeed are very difficult work to attend

Yet workers are there sacrificing their joy and family welfare-grand

Firefighters are the most courageous and fearless people who dedicate

Their lives for the protection of people and property. Firefighters are tasked

With running towards danger instead of away from it. They rescue people

From burning buildings and vehicles and are well trained to put out a fire.

They even work for long hours at a stretch and are on duty for more than

Twenty four hours. to recognise and honour the sacrifices that firefighters

Make to keep our communities and environment safe

International Firefighters’ Day is observed every year- it is today.

Coal Miners Day is observed on Fourthh May every year to highlight

The toughest profession and the people working in coal mines.
This day show appreciation for the sacrifices, honour the accomplishments

And remember the tragedies that these hardworking individuals experience.

Coal Miners became increasingly important during the Industrial revolution (between 1760 and 1840) when coal was burnt on a large scale to fuel stationary and locomotive engines and heat buildings. Owing to coal’s strategic role as a primary fuel, coal miners have figured strongly in labour and political movements since that time. 

In India coal mining began in 1774 when John Sumner and Suetonius Grant Healthy of the East India Company commenced commercial exploitation in the Raniganj Coalfield along the Western bank of Damodar River. Further, the introduction of steam locomotives in 1853 boosted demand and production of coal increases. In India, coal-rich regions are Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and some central and southern parts of the country.
Mainly miners spend their days tunneling, digging and extracting coal from the mines. It is known that more than half of India’s commercial energy needs are fulfilled by coal. It is the main fuel for generating power, making steel and cement.

Coal Miners Day celebrated on May 4 | Tut2learn

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