World Portuguese Language Day 2021

In the creation of the Universe, Saraswathy- Goddess of Learning

Has created languages many for the people to move and converse

To communicate their thoughts and ideas fluently and comfortably!

One such great language is PORTUGESE with lovely grammar and literature!

Today MAY FIFTH is “WORLD PORTUGESE LANGUAGE DAY” a sweet day indeed!

FIFTH May was established in 2009 by the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries

(CPLP) – an intergovernmental organization that has been in official partnership with

UNESCO since 2000, and which brings together peoples with the Portuguese language

As one of the foundations of their specific identity – to celebrate the Portuguese

Language and Lusophone cultures. In 2019, the 40th session of UNESCO’s General Conference

Decided to proclaim THIS DAY of each year as “World Portuguese Language Day”.

The Portuguese language is one of the most widespread languages in the world,

With more than 265 million speakers spread through all continents, AND also

The most widely spoken language in the southern hemisphere. Portuguese remains,

Today, a major language of international communication and a language

With a strong geographical projection, destined to increase.   

WORLD PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE DAY - May 5 - National Day Calendar

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