The Great Silence!

Dear Tamil friend,  As several of my fans asked for it, I selected again one of my poems. As you will notice, the Ithaca 684 poem refers not only to Chinese philosophy, to the TAO, but in fact to all religions in the world: former and actual.
In the original version  of the poem “recognition” can be understood as recognition of the supernatural/God(s) or it can be “enlightenment.

The last two verses mean, that  – through the ages – the supernatural/God(s) has/have not changed. But we, human beings, are still in search of more wisdom and enlightenment: too see more than what our eyes can see.  You will notice that it is a quite mystical poem. It fascinated the Chinese when I read it in China, but I am sure that also Indian readers will appreciate it.
In fact the poem was written in India, in the Himalayas.
I’m a bit under stress, invited at a nearby book fair this week end where we expose a selection of our poetry publications and I am invited to give 3 recitals of my poetry in 4 languages for an international audience. A German weekly magazine published already a selection of the poems.

I hope you enjoy the new poem & illustration (cover picture of the publication “The Ephemeral Flower of Time”.
Please translate and publish.
Have a sunny week end!

Germain  THE GREAT SILENCECentury after century
people have built
temples and churches
but wherever on earth
they are silent *
the gods.Ithaca 13.5.2021* do not speak   See weekly the Poem of the Week
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The above is a communication received from my great Spanish friend Mr. Germain.

Translation in Tamil

Tale of a Blogger Part 38 / March 6, National Dentist's Day – Envius  Thoughts
Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai India 9840477552

தமிழில் மொழிமாற்றம்

ஆழ்ந்த அமைதி

நூற்றாண்டு நூற்றாண்டுகளாக



மாதா கோவில்களையும்



ஆனால் பூமியில்

எங்கு எங்கு அமைதியில் இருக்கிறார்களோ!

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