Great India that is Bharath, our holy and sacred Motherland
Did not earn its freedom and independence just like that with a garland!
Thousands and thousands sacrificed their all in the cause of freedom
Age, health, sex, position and so on were not matters at all at any time!
One such was VANCHINATHAN whose memorial day is today- a holy day!

Vanchinatha Iyer born in Eighteen Eighty Six and committed suicide on this day
Years one hundred and ten ago. Known as Vanchinathan or Vanchi,
Indian revolutionary. best remembered for murdering Robert Ashe,
The Tax Collector of Thirunelveli.
Vanchinathan born in Sengottai to Raghupathy Iyer
And Rukmani Ammal. His actual name was Shankaran.
He did his schooling in Sengottai. He married Ponnammal
and got into a lucrative government job.
On 17 June 1911, Vanchi who was 25, assassinated Robert Ashe,
District collector of Tirunelveli, who was also known as
Collector Dorai. He shot Ashe at point-blank range
When Ashe’s train had stopped at the Maniyachi Station,
On the way to Madras. He committed suicide thereafter.
The railway station is now renamed Vanchi Maniyachi.

After shooting, Vanchinathan ran along the platform and took cover in the latrine.
Sometime later he was found dead, having shot himself in the mouth.
The pistol recovered from him was empty without any bullets as he just
Plnned to kill himself after killing Ashe and had no intention to hurt anyone other than Ashe
In his pocket was found a letter: “I dedicate my life as a small contribution to my motherland. I am alone responsible for this.
The mlechas of England having captured our country, tread over the sanathana dharma of the Hindus and destroy them. Every Indian is trying to drive out the English and get swarajyam and restore sanathana dharma. Our Raman, Sivaji, Krishnan, Guru Govindan, Arjuna ruled our land protecting all dharmas, but in this land, they are making arrangements to crown George V, a mlecha, and one who eats the flesh of cows.
Three thousand Madrasees have taken a vow to kill George V as soon as he lands in our country. In order to make others know our intention, I who am the least in the company, have done this deed this day. This is what everyone in Hindustan should consider it as his duty.
I will kill Ashe, whose arrival here is to celebrate the crowning of cow-eater King George V in this glorious land which was once ruled by great samrats. This I do to make them understand the fate of those who cherish the thought of enslaving this sacred land.
I, as the least of them, wish to warn George by killing Ashe.
Vande Mataram. Vande Mataram. Vande Mataram
— sd/-, R. Vanchi Aiyar, Shencottah
Vanchi was a close collaborator of Varahaneri Venkatesa Subrahmanya Iyer
V.V.S.Aiyar or Va.Ve.Su Iyer, another activist who sought arms to defeat the British.
He trained Vanchinathan to execute the plan in all perfection.
All belonged to Bharatha Matha Association.
Our State Government built a memorial in Sengottai at his birthplace.

Patriot Vanchinathan who shot dead Collector Ashe, a fitting memorial in  his birth place. - Navrang India
Vanchinathan Memorial at Shenkottah.

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