International Widows Day- June 23rd.

international widows day

To become a widow at any age is not to the wish of any woman

Any where in the world! Especially in a country like India

Where woman is deemed to be an incarnation of Goddess!

International Widow’s Day is today-June Twenty Third.

This Day is an awareness day that is observed throughout the world

To discuss the hardships that widows face when their husbands die.

The day is observedto highlight the problems of widows and encourage

People to help widows in struggling against the challenges of life.

Widows are a major issue of our time as there are around Three hundred million

Widows throughout the world according to the official website of the (UNO).

India has the largest number of widows which is around fifty million,

Indian widows are one of the most pathetic communities of the country

And the world as a whole. International Widows’ Day is observed this day

Because (the founder of the day) Raj Loomba’s father Shri Jagiri Lal Loomba

Died on 23rd June 1954 leaving Raj’s mother as a widow.

International Widows’ Day Theme

“Invisible Women, Invisible Problems”

The theme the Day this year is “Invisible Women, Invisible Problems”.

Traditionally, widows are considered a useless asset of society

As they get involved in the battle of survival and they can do little in terms of major tasks.

Currently, global leadership united at the UNO platform discourages any such expression

And it is felt that widows can do a lot for their nations if their energy and

Potential are channelized. It is essential to liberate them from the threat of

Basic needs scarcity so that they would perform productive tasks.

Theme 2021 of International Widows’ Day stresses upon highlighting

The issues of this ignored community to make the world more beautiful.


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