29th JULY-International Tigers day.


Tiger though is a wild animal, God should have created with some purpose!

Every year on Twenty Ninth July, Global Tiger Day is observed

To raise awareness for tiger conservation. a great species

Established in Two Thousand and ten at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit

In Russia; the primary goal is to promote a global system for protecting

The natural habitats of tigers and raise public awareness and support for

Tiger conservation issues. Tigers are majestic species and revered in various cultures.

They are also an endangered species and the number of tigers is consistently declining

Due to poaching, hunting and illegal trading as well as loss of habitat.

Through this blog, let’s celebrate International Tiger Day by

Raising awareness and taking concrete steps to protect 

India‘s national animal from extinction.  

Vehicle of Durga; Lord Ayyappa’s Mount; Tribal Protector.

Tigers are not revered by tribes in Central India alone.

Bonobibi is another Goddess who rides a tiger.

She is worshipped by Hindus and Muslims alike in the Sundarbans.

She protects the various members of the community from tiger attacks

When they enter the forests to gather honey, wood, and to fish.

International Tiger Day 2021 - National Awareness Days Calendar 2021


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2 thoughts on “29th JULY-International Tigers day.

  1. Happy to read your post on International Tigers Day…

    Today, the most-talked subject is climate change, posing challenges to maintenance of ecosystem which is essential for survival of mankind….

    It is where conserving the species of tigers comes in for containing the impacts of climate crisis…

    Preying on their habitat to promoting unmindful urbanisation leads to their diminishing numbers, making the tiger population an endangered one …

    Let us allow nature to run its course without our undue interventions….


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