JULY 31st- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eighty years ago a boy was born in Karaikudi – Nineteen Forty ONE!

Every one and especially his parents thought that this boy should become

Some one great! Fortunately his father passed away in Nineteen Eighty Seven

His Mother reached her heavenly abode in Nineteen ninety five!

Had they been alive probably would have been disappointed!

What God gives none can deny, what God does not give none can!

Like any ordinary mortal, he also, plated, studied, worked and spent his time!

Right or wrong, more right than wrong, destiny plays its own role in one’s life!!

Years eighty rolled by- years spent as an ordinary man with nothing to boast

Nothing whatsoever to keep his parents in their heavenly abode.

. To feel proud of their son. It happens so in most of the human beings.

Children unable to fulfill the wishes of their beloved parents alive or dead.***

Yes this boy was no different! The viewers know this guy too well

Guess who? He is none but the Envius Thoughts creator!!!!

*** yet

Seva Rathna Award from Kanchi Acharya

Award from the then HE Governor of Tamilnadu

Here is a gift from my four year old grandson Mr. OM from States.

Om himself drew the front and back of Spider-Man to make this greeting card!
And wrote the inside part himself with Sruthi spelling him…

Gift from my Hyderabad Brother in law.
Gift from Chennai Brother in law Er. Sundharesam

6 thoughts on “JULY 31st- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. As they say, age is just a number!

    You’ve accomplished many and many enviables and your parents in the heavenly abode will be feeling elated for having given life to a more valuable “you!”

    May the Almighty be in your side and bless you a long and healthy life so you can achieve more and more in the literary arena in the years to come!

    Have a great day – today and ever after!


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