Our esteemed viewers need not think that this post is about their favorite Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS and their Blogger N V Subbaraman!!!!!

If one has ever created a blog before, the chances are he has probably used Blogger, especially for his first ever blog! A lot of students will be nodding their heads while reading this. Brings back good memories. Of course, there is a huge blogging community today. Some people blog to get their opinions heard others blog to make money. A lot of these people rely on Blogger to do so! Blogger Day celebrates everything that this platform is about! ENVIUS THOUGHTS is purely a LITERARY BLOG and not for earning a PIE!!!!

What Is Blogger?

Blogger is a blog-publishing service. It was originally developed by Pyra Labs, yet it was then purchased by Google in 2003. One would have probably seen plenty of Blogger sites, as the subdomain tends to be However, a lot of people also use their own custom domains that they have purchased, so not all Blogger sites will end with that subdomain. Users of the platform are allowed to have as many as 100 blogs per account, and so one never can run out of blogs to create.

History Of Blogger

So, let’s delve a bit into the history of Blogger. Blogger was launched on the 23rd of August, in 1999, by Pyra Labs. it is one of the earliest tools that was dedicated purely to publishing blogs. A lot of people credit Blogger with helping to popularize the blog format. A few years later, in 2003, Google purchased Blogger under terms that have not been disclosed. One of the most significant changes in this switch was that Google made the premium features of Blogger free of charge. Google then purchased Picasa a year later, in 2004, and made a move to integrate Picasa into Blogger. The significance of this was that it gave Blogger users the ability to post photos to their blogs. 

In fact, 2004 was a pretty significant year all-round for Blogger, as a major redesign was introduced. A number of features were added, including posting by email, comments, individual archive pages for posts, and web standards-compliant templates. In 2007, Blogger was moved over to servers owned by Google. In this year, it was ranked 16 in a list of top 50 domains in terms of the number of unique visitors. Pretty impressive stuff! 

For the present we end with this much and those who want to know more can approach GOOGLEGURU!

Though not much to do the Blog that has an overall view score of more than 3,20,000 from more than 210 countries

Envius Thoughts crosses 3,23,000 overall view score

With the 42nd view at 09.00 hours today , Thursday , 5th August 2021, the Blog Envius thoughts crossed over all view score of more than three lacs and twenty three tthousand from more than 210 countries. I am thankful to all our esteemed viewers for their support and encouragement . All out efforts are made to improve the qual ity of the contents and presentation. Thanks.


  1. Congrats for crossing a score of 3,23,000 as of today!

    Thanks for your post on Blogger Day bringing more light on the blogging activity, literary and otherwise!

    Greetings to all the bloggers around the world who are sharing their valuable contents for the benefit of the viewers!


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